Change in my trading

I have to employ some changes in my trading. I’m still having problems finding the correct timeframes to match my trading strategy. Even though I have a better feeling with the current set (4h for trend, 1h price action, 15 tactical) I still often rush the entrys and/or the exits of my trades. This is obviously quite a bit of a problem. It deteriorates my trade performace by damaging both the wining/losing ratio and the gain/loss rate.
To improve my discipline (i.e. patience) I try to monitor the tactical charts as less as possible. However due to my daytime job as a trader I am looking at intraday charts all-day long and it is quite a challenge to hold back when receiving so much impulsive information.
Therefore I will focus on the DAX index to keep myself busy with intraday trading and to improve my timing and tactics. I will post my trades on a daily basis and evaluate my decisions. Unfortunately the trading platform that I use to trade the DAX cannot be connected to mt4pips.

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