DAX: biggest daily loss so far

DAX started the day higher in a corrective manner…

Bar1: long entry on an inside bar breakout
Bar2: sell half of the long position, loss 8.20 pts
Bar3: exit swing part of the trade when trailing stop hit, loss 15.00 pts
Bar4: long entry on breakout after pullback, closed half on the same bar with 10.00 pts profit
Bar5: traling stop hit for remaining long, 4.30 pts loss
Bar6: missed long signal where I should have faded the EMA on a 2HM (2 hours away from the EMA trade)

At this point I had to realize that my entries were late and the trades we slipping away after the setups.

Bar7: long entry on a break above a bullish reversal bar
Bar8: closed half of the long after bearish pin bar with 4.30 pts profit Bar9: trailing stop hit for the second half of the long loss 3.00 pts loss Bar10: missed bullish setup
Bar11: short entry on reversal below the channel line
Bar12: took profit on first half with 4.00 pts profit
Bar13: stop loss hit 0.80 pts profit
Bar14: short sestup with pullback after a long bearish reversal bar
Bar15: long entry after break above doji at the trendline support
Bar16: full position stopped out on the same bar with total loss of 12.50 pts

A tricky day with 36.40 pts total loss and 4:6 win/lose ratio. I have to make note of the three good setups (Bar6, 10 and 14) that I didn’t trade.

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