DAX: I’m still struggling

The DAX index had a trend from the open but it reversed the bullish opening bullish gap.
Bar1: long entry on a bullish pin testing the gap support and the uptrend from the previous day’s late rally Bar2: stopped the scalping part of the long, 5.70 pts loss
Bar3: trailing stop hit for the swing part, 7.50 pts loss
The market reversed its bullish opening into a clear donwtrend.
Bar4: short ‘with trend’ entry on strong bearish bar breaking a small bear flag correction Bar5: trapped out with 8.50 pts loss
Bar6: re-entered the short which was another fake
Bar7: stopped with 14.00 pts loss
Bar8: long entry on break above the high of the midday correction
Bar9: stopped out after the US jobless data, it was the second leg of an A-B-C, loss 5.30 pts
After this long string of losses give myself a break until next Tuesday to recover. I suffered 20 losses against 4 winners while the gain/loss ratio has dropped to 4.78/9.59 after I decided to double my entry size and scale out from my positions.

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