Here is a list of my favourite books with a few comments:

Alan Farley:
The Master Swing Trader

This is the bible of swing trading. A very good reading but requires quite some trading experience to understand. Provides a lot of info on setups with distinctive name given to them. Perhaps too much info to digest in one reading. After the first reading it can be used as a handbook or a reference guide.

There is also a trading site packed with related educational materials and articles:

Al Brooks:
Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar

This is the most practical book on short term trading that I have ever read. Hard to understand though as the author uses reference names to each setup and pattern which he doesn’t describe ahead so you have to understand all of them on the run. Need to read the book a couple of times to understand properly.

Here is a site of the traders’ community who follow Al Brooks trading method:

Steve Nison:
The Candlestick Course

This book is the sole informational source on candlestick charting from the most authentic author on japanese candlesticks. Very good reading with clear explanations how the patterns are being built with a list of excersises after each chapter to help the reader practice and memorize.

The link to the exclusive member site of Steve Nison:

Stephen W. Bigalow:
Profitable Candlestick Trading: Pinpointing Market Opportunities

More details about the candlestick patterns with more focus on trading. Rather a reference book than an introduction to a trading method. I found it useful as it gives insight how candlestick patterns can be used in real life trading.

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