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EUR/USD: small loss

The EURUSD daily trend is still bullish therefore I entered long yesterday on a breakout of the trendline of the recent correction from the 1.4696 top. The entry was at Bar1 but due to the increased volatility caused by the voting of the Greek parliament on austerity measures I decided to close the position onthe next bar taking a small loss. Well the pair has extended its gains overnight…

EUR/SEK: closed a winner yesterday

I had a winning trade in EURSEK that I opened last week and closed yesterday. The pair broke above the bearish trendline from last November and then pulled back. I entered long at Bar1 and took profit at Bar2. The entry was a simple breakout pullback trade while the exit was based on gut feeling after the price started to pullback after a wide ranging bullish bar.

EUR/CHF: winning trade

I had a short trade in EURCHF after long inactive period as I tried to cool off and let my thoughts settle down.
The underlying trend is still bearish and I entered short at Bar1 on a pullback after the break of a corrective uptrend line. A bearish pin added strength to this signal. The price moved lower and hit my target at Bar2 at the prior price extreme at 1.2055.

DAX: second losing day in a row

DAX opened with another bearish gap, pressing the channel support of the 1h regression channel

Bar1: entered long for a continuation trade on a bullish trend bar following a 3-bar consolidation.
Bar2: full position stopped at trailing stop with 7.50 pts loss and I reversed the position on the same bar selling short. Trapped out and trapped in. Big mistake. It was a failed break of the micro trendline. Bar3: short stopped with 10.60 pts loss.
Bar4: short entry at trendline resistance.
Bar5: stopped with 12.50 pts loss.

Doesn’t look good so far. Both my short entries were micro trendline failed breakouts. Bar6: short entry on lower high

Bar7: stop with 11.70pts loss
Bar8: H2 short entry
Bar9: stopped out 11.20 pts loss

Dreadful day. I was clearly on the wrong side of the market. Average loss was 10.59 pts without a single winning trade.

EUR/USD: closed long

Price action suggests more sideways movement, tringle pattern.

EUR/USD: long entry

Despite the recent price action which seems to be rangebound I entered long in EURUSD. The price is testing the short-term bullish trendline with a breakout pullback on the 15m chart. On the 4h chart the price is below the Keltner Channel therefore I will close this long if the level of the 1.4059 short term swing lows get violated.

EUR/CHF: taking profit

I booked a small profit on the second EURCHF long after the parallel downgrade of Greece and Portugal. The entry was at Bar1, the exit at Bar2. A more conservative exit would have been below the 1.29405 level marked on the attached chart but the Euro weakness accross the board made me jump the trigger.