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EUR/CHF: winning trade

I had a short trade in EURCHF after long inactive period as I tried to cool off and let my thoughts settle down.
The underlying trend is still bearish and I entered short at Bar1 on a pullback after the break of a corrective uptrend line. A bearish pin added strength to this signal. The price moved lower and hit my target at Bar2 at the prior price extreme at 1.2055.


EUR/CHF: another attempt higher?

We may see another attempt in EURCHF to the upside. Despite my expectation for a break higher the pair failed to extend its short-term gains and is rangebound in the 1.2800-1.2970 rectangle. Another bounce from the 1.2800 support is likely so I’m looking to enter long on a higher low on the 15m or 1h timeframe.

Euro watchlist

EURUSD: Still in range, the partial retracement this morning indicates another attempt for an upside breakout.
EURGBP: Violated 0.8853 support but bounced back above it, uptrend may resume.
: Testing bullish channel support after a sharp pullback.
EURCHF: Bouncing back from 50% fibo level and 61.8% fibo fan line. The 30/100 EMA pairs signal a possible change in the trend.

EUR/CHF: closed trade follow-up

Yesterday’s profit taking in EURCHF was another example of why intuitive trading is what a disciplined trader should steer away from. Negative Euro news flow with the pair trading just below 4h and 1d resistance level have prompted me to close the long position with a small profit. Nontheless the price moved higher and held its intraday uptrend. The exit has proved to be early levaing me with a net loss with the two trades combined.

EUR/CHF: taking profit

I booked a small profit on the second EURCHF long after the parallel downgrade of Greece and Portugal. The entry was at Bar1, the exit at Bar2. A more conservative exit would have been below the 1.29405 level marked on the attached chart but the Euro weakness accross the board made me jump the trigger.

Euro gave back early gains

The Euro has given back most of its early gains against the Dollar and the Pound while it holds quite well against the Swiss Franc…

EUR/CHF: re-entered long

I re-entered long in EURCHF at Bar1 after a stong bullish bar following the pullback breakout…