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EUR/SEK: closed a winner yesterday

I had a winning trade in EURSEK that I opened last week and closed yesterday. The pair broke above the bearish trendline from last November and then pulled back. I entered long at Bar1 and took profit at Bar2. The entry was a simple breakout pullback trade while the exit was based on gut feeling after the price started to pullback after a wide ranging bullish bar.


Euro watchlist

EURUSD: Still in range, the partial retracement this morning indicates another attempt for an upside breakout.
EURGBP: Violated 0.8853 support but bounced back above it, uptrend may resume.
: Testing bullish channel support after a sharp pullback.
EURCHF: Bouncing back from 50% fibo level and 61.8% fibo fan line. The 30/100 EMA pairs signal a possible change in the trend.

EUR/SEK: trend breakout

EURSEK seems it has broken the 1d bearish trend