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Two euro trades closed last week

I’ve entered long in EURGBP and EURUSD and closed both trades with profit on the 22nd. Both pairs were in an uptrend on the daily chart and had decent pullbacks.
EURGBP: entered long at Bar1 after the breakout from the consolidation that followed the break of the 4h pullback trendline. I decided to close the position at Bar2 with a small gain when the euro was under pressure ahead of the Eurozone meeting about the Greek rescue plan. I was long in EURUSD as well and wanted to reduce my euro long exposure. The price didn’t reach my initial stop but had strong move lower.
EURUSD: had a smilar setup, 4h countertrend was broken and I took a second entry signal for a breakout pullback trade at Bar1. The price hit may target at Bar2.
Both my trading decisions were based on the 4h charts, the entry trigger was a bullish pin for EURGBP and pinbar with and inside bar breakout for the EURUSD.


EUR/USD: small loss

The EURUSD daily trend is still bullish therefore I entered long yesterday on a breakout of the trendline of the recent correction from the 1.4696 top. The entry was at Bar1 but due to the increased volatility caused by the voting of the Greek parliament on austerity measures I decided to close the position onthe next bar taking a small loss. Well the pair has extended its gains overnight…

EUR/USD: drops to support zone

EURUSD had a deep correction last week and the pair now trades near the EMA50 on the daily chart which is jsut above the 1.4282 swing hihg in last October. The pair should find some support here so I’m looking for a bullish setup on the intraday timeframes.

Euro watchlist

EURUSD: Still in range, the partial retracement this morning indicates another attempt for an upside breakout.
EURGBP: Violated 0.8853 support but bounced back above it, uptrend may resume.
: Testing bullish channel support after a sharp pullback.
EURCHF: Bouncing back from 50% fibo level and 61.8% fibo fan line. The 30/100 EMA pairs signal a possible change in the trend.

EUR/USD: rangebound

Today we see more ranging price action in EURUSD while the price holds above the 61.8% fibo level of the prior upleg. I wait for a breakout from the 1.4378-1.4520 range. Perhaps a partial retracement will provide an early signal.

EUR/USD: stopped out at 1R

The EURUSD failed to reach a new high above 1.4520 yesterday then hit my initial stop in the US session with a painful accuracy. Annoying indeed…

EUR/USD: long entry

I entered long EURUSD last evening on a pullback below the 1.4488 high. I run a wider stop on this trade trying to improve the profit/loss ratio of my trade performance. Also I start using intraday pivot levels on the 15m tactical timeframe to help me to pinpoint entry/exit levels. Entry was at 1.4466 with inital stop 1.4416 and target 1.4616 for a 50/150 pips risk/reward.
Note: I was trying to find a breakout pullback entry after the break of the interim trendline on the 1h chart (blue line) but failed to catch a fakey setup on the 15m chart.