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EUR/USD: bull flag

We have a potential bull flag breakout in EURUSD. the 4h chart shows a valid uptrend with a countertrend move withing the trend channel. On the 1h chart we have a break on the upside. Waiting for a pullback…


EUR/GBP: breaking out from bull flag

The EURGBP is breaking the channel line from its bull flag after a fairly volatile session yesterday. The 4h uptrend is still intact. The main driver of this move is the Pounds weakness.

EUR/GBP: false breakout?

The EURGBP breakout from the bull flag seems to fail…

EUR/GBP: testing trend support

The channel support of what seems to be a potential bullish flag is coming across the rising trendline. The EURGBP should find some support here while I have to admit that the 4h chart still shows room for further corrective downside. I’m looking for a 1-2-3 reversal on the 15m timeframe.